Demystifying Jade: An In-Depth Exploration of Jade Types and Popular Bracelet Styles


For those new to the world of jade, navigating the various commercial terms and jargon can be quite perplexing. Terms like "种" (zhǒng) and "水头" (shuǐtóu) may leave many beginners scratching their heads. In this article, we aim to unravel the complexities surrounding jade, explaining different jade types and shedding light on popular styles of jade bracelets.

Exploring Jade Types:

  1. 水头 (Shuǐtóu) - Water Head: This term metaphorically describes the transparency of jade. The higher the transparency, the longer the "water head," giving the jade a more lively appearance.

  2. 玻璃种 (Bōlí Zhǒng) - Glass Type: Considered the best type of jade, it has a texture similar to glass—transparent and delicate. When this type of jade meets the vibrant "emperor green," it becomes a prized possession.

  3. 冰种 (Bīng Zhǒng) - Ice Type: Slightly less transparent than glass type, ice type jade resembles melting ice, with some parts being transparent and others semi-transparent.

  4. 糯种 (Nuò Zhǒng) - Sticky Rice Type: This jade gives the impression of rice soup, with a fine and even texture and good transparency.

  5. 豆种 (Dòu Zhǒng) - Bean Type: As the name suggests, bean type jade has a granular texture resembling mung bean cake, with visible grains.

  6. 金丝种 (Jīnsī Zhǒng) - Golden Thread Type: Characterized by green threads distributed throughout, often with a slight yellow tint. Generally, this type has good transparency.

  7. 白底青 (Báidǐ Qīng) - White Bottom Green: Similar to blue-and-white porcelain, but in this case, the background is white, and the color is green. It often has fine texture and appears more vivid against the white backdrop.

  8. 油青种 (Yóu Qīng Zhǒng) - Oil Green Type: Resembling an ink painting, this deep green jade has a slightly gray or blue hue. It usually has a fine base but moderate transparency.

  9. 花青种 (Huā Qīng Zhǒng) - Flower Blue Type: Resembling enlarged water algae, this type has uneven distribution of green, sometimes forming clusters or patches. The base color is light green, and the texture varies.

  10. 墨翠 (Mò Cuì) - Ink Jade: With a dark, almost black color, moderate transparency, and uniform texture, ink jade has a sleek appearance.

  11. 晴水底 (Qíng Shuǐ Dǐ) - Clear Water Base: Featuring a faint green or turquoise color, this type exudes a clear and elegant vibe, reminiscent of clear sea water on a sunny day.

  12. 干青种 (Gān Qīng Zhǒng) - Dry Green Type: Resembling a dried green painting, this jade is nearly solid green with varying shades, often with black spots and a granular structure.

  13. 起胶 (Qǐ Jiāo) - Resin Rise: When the structure of jade is exceptionally fine, it creates a visual effect resembling liquid resin, a phenomenon seen in high-quality jade.

  14. 起荧 (Qǐ Yíng) - Fluorescence Rise: Representing finely crafted jade with exquisite texture, it exhibits a self-illuminating effect at the edges, akin to a glowworm. Common in high-quality jade.

Popular Jade Bracelet Styles:

  1. 福镯 (Fú Zhuó) - Blessing Bracelet: Classic and enduring, this bracelet is known for its round and thick design, symbolizing completeness and blessings.

  2. 平安镯 (Píng'ān Zhuó) - Safety Bracelet: Distinguished by a flat inner circle and a broad outer circle, it is comfortable to wear and often considered a symbol of safety.

  3. 贵妃镯 (Guìfēi Zhuó) - Imperial Concubine Bracelet: Oval in shape, reminiscent of the preference of Yang Guifei, this bracelet is elegant and fits snugly on the wrist.

  4. 美人镯 (Měirén Zhuó) - Beauty Bracelet: Featuring a round inner circle, outer circle, and thin jade diameter, it exudes elegance and delicacy.

  5. 北方工镯 (Běifāng Gōng Zhuó) - Northern Artisan Bracelet: With a circular core and a square body, this bracelet is both comfortable and artistically crafted.

  6. 鸳鸯镯 (Yuānyāng Zhuó) - Mandarin Duck Bracelet: Referring to a pair of bracelets, often given to siblings or close friends, symbolizing unity and companionship.

  7. 镶金镯 (Xiāng Jīn Zhuó) - Gold-Inlaid Bracelet: Combining jade with gold, this bracelet showcases various craftsmanship techniques, offering a blend of traditional and modern aesthetics.


Jade is a versatile and captivating gemstone with a rich array of types and bracelet styles. Whether you prefer the classic Blessing Bracelet or the elegant Imperial Concubine Bracelet, exploring the world of jade opens doors to both cultural symbolism and personal style. Remember, the best bracelet is the one that suits you best—so don't hesitate to try them on and find your perfect match.

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